Don't get me wrong, I think this maltipoo is one cute, little furball but I really wish she didn't appear so unkempt. The disheveled look may be hot on Johnny Depp . . . on Daisy, not so much. While Jessica Simpson's hair has nice, styled waves going on, her pooch looks badly in need of a good trim, brushing, and freshening up.

I decided to pretend for a moment that I was in NYC, and that I could somehow stage an intervention. If I had access to this celebrity pet, I'd prescribe Spot Organics . . . stat. To see exactly what on my Rx (along with more cute pictures of the duo), read more.

  • Organic hemp dog shampoo Maybe little Daisy has sensitive skin so she doesn't take a dip in the sink very often? This natural dog shampoo bar is great for those types as it's organic and free of chemicals and fragrances – use it up to once a week to help moisturize dry skin and remove dander.
  • Coat Care - Hydrate and Shine Just like healthy hair starts with the scalp, this spray for dog skin can be used during Daisy's regular brushing routine (when she gets one). In no time, she'll have glossy fur that smells and looks fab. Plus, because the product uses essential oils of organic lavender, grapefruit, restoring rosemary, and cleansing cedarwood (in a base of aloe vera), it offers soothing aromatherapy perfect for those cross-country trips with mom!

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