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Dangerous Winter Activities For Dogs

To the Rescue: 3 Dangerous Outdoor Activities For Pets

Winter walks are the norm — unless your pooches use indoor potties — but remember that bitter temps require shorter trips and closer attention to his body temperature. It's actually extra risky to let a pooch off leash on snow or ice because they can lose their scent and easily become disoriented, especially during the storm itself. Check out three activities that may pose a problem.

  • Sledding: Most people won't take a dog on a sledding adventure — it requires solid sit-stay skills in chilly weather and it's just not fun for the animals. However, also be careful if your off-leash walks pass by a sledding area. Dogs can confuse flying sleds with something OK to chase, but the dangerous part comes from the sledder's difficulty stopping if a dog decides to run in front.

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  • Snowmobiling: Another danger in some areas, be careful of snowmobiles crossing streets and stay away from their approved paths in the woods.
  • Ice Skating: Frozen ponds and lakes can be fun for skating, but not all surfaces are tested for solidity. Your dog's exploration may accidentally land him on thin ice. Literally.
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    fuzzles fuzzles 5 years
    Awesome dog steals sled:
    lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
    that picture is so funny - that crazy doggie is too cute...
    Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 6 years
    When I still lived with my parents, we had a very hyper 2 year old irish setter named Duke. We owned 5 acres of land for Duke to run on and every time we opened the door to let him out, he'd run like a bat out of hell from the house and down the hill that starts just past our house. Well one year we got like 2 feet of snow and then on top of it had an ice storm leave about 3 inches of ice. Everything was frozen solid with ice. We let Duke out to go do his business, and he immediately runs out the door and proceeds to slide down the entire hill, which is about 300 feet long. The bottom is the lowest point on our property and to get out of the bottom, Duke had to climb a hill in all directions. He got so frustrated trying to climb back up the hill that he sat and started barking for us to come down and get him. So my mom and I had to use ice picks to break a path in the ice for him to be able to follow us back up. Was not his brightest moment, nor ours!
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