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Different Looks of Cuddly, Cute Maltipoos

Nov 20 2011 - 4:57am

A few weeks ago Blake Lively [1] brought her sandy colored Maltipoo on the Gossip Girl set. This hybrid mix consists of a Maltese dog with a Toy Poodle, and the result is a tiny, fluffy fur ball with black beady eyes and a shiny nose. Check out some of the varieties of Maltipoos, and learn a few fun facts about this breed [2].

Source: INFDaily.com [3]

This particular Maltipoo looks like a stuffed animal with its fluffy, snow white hair. Maltipoos are known for being extremely playful and friendly dogs.

Source: Flickr User agjimenez [4]

This particular, sandy-colored Maltipoo looks on the bigger side. Typically, Maltipoos weigh between 5 to 20 pounds.

Source: Flickr User Shek Graham [5]

This fluffy, white Maltipoo shows more of its Maltese genes as it smiles wide for the camera. Because of their friendly nature, Maltipoos make great companions, especially for people living alone, empty nesters, or the elderly.

Source: Flickr User future_crazy_cat_lady [6]

This particular Maltipoo owner decided to give its puppy a shave down. Maltese and Poodle breeds do not shed; however, all dogs carry dander and other allergens in their saliva. If you are allergic to dogs, keep that in mind before purchasing a Maltipoo.

Source: Flickr User T. S. Smith [7]

This curly-cued pup takes a look at the wide horizon. Maltipoos are playful dogs, and they will love a good run around outside and love to play games.

Source: Flickr User MITCHELL [8]

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