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Do Pets' Bedtime Rules and Routines Change on Vacation?

Let's pretend you're taking a nice weekend getaway and bringing your animal with you – lucky dog! You'll be staying at a hotel that includes a pet deposit, cleaning fee, . . . and big, comfy bed. Now if your precious pal's like North, he doesn't get to snuggle under the covers at home, but I definitely bend those rules while traveling. In fact, plenty of fancy boarding spots give pets a taste of a life in the lap of luxury and come complete with flat screen TVs and full sized beds just for them (as seen above). I've never noticed any negative effects when we return to our home but have you ever had a situation like this come back to bite you? Share which rules you relax, and ones you keep, in the comments below.


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Jennifer67 Jennifer67 5 years
Each of my dogs has his own bed. They are allowed on the furniture (and my bed) during the day but when it's time to go to bed, I tell them "go to bed" and they each crawl into their respective bed and go to sleep. They all have memory foam dog beds so I think they're happy with their own beds and don't need to use mine. It makes for a better night sleep for all of us.
HaterTot HaterTot 7 years
My pup sleeps with me at home (under the covers, with her own pillow... I know, she's spoiled) and on vacay. Since I've had her, I almost never go anywhere I can't bring her, and she loves it. The thing that I let her do on vacation but not at home is eat people food. It's too hard when we're camping with all of our friends and their dogs to control whether or not she picks up a hotdog that fell on the ground, and I'm there to relax and have fun and not constantly monitor her eating. We're headed to the beach in a couple of weeks for a week with our friends (human and canine) and she will run and run and roll in the sand all day, so she'll be getting lots of baths before bed so I don't have to sleep in sandy sheets.
BigBird BigBird 7 years
At home, my wheaten is happy to sleep downstairs, in her basket, with our other dog, and never makes a fuss. However, when we go to visit family, and try to leave her downstairs, with our other dog, she barks constantly until we take her in with us!! We've tried just leaving her to bark herself out, but by 3AM we usually give in!! She has amazing staying power!! So now we just take her to bed with us-she's happy-the family gets sleep, and she's absolutely fine with sleeping downstairs again when we get back home-no fuss at all!!! Weird.
kscincotta kscincotta 7 years
Shenanigans has never been on a piece of furniture in her life, so she doesn't even know it's an option. We make sure to stick to this wherever we take her, even in places where pets are allowed on the furniture.
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
Anytime we're away from home B-Bop sleeps in bed with me. He never tries to at home, I think he knows that our bed at home is off limits. It's just easier this way and I secretly love having him snuggle with me :-)
kiwitwist kiwitwist 7 years
I would bend the rules just slightly. Since I doubt I would bring their crate along, Storm would be allowed to sleep in the bed. But unfortunately Madison would not be able to (she is huge!). But if there were two beds in the room, they could share one! HAHAHA
Special-K Special-K 7 years
My baby and I just returned from a 2800 mile roundtrip drive this past week. He gets spoiled in the hotels since he is a big nerve ball anytime he sees my suitcase out. Rather than sleeping on his bed on the floor next to mine I'll scoop him of and let him lay with me on the bed.
Noelle7176 Noelle7176 7 years
We haven't taken our baby on vacation with us yet but if we did, we could never let her sleep with us. If we let her do something once, she wants to do it all the time. Since she sleeps in a crate, we don't want her to find out about the promised land on the bed. As it is, my bf and the cats barely leave enough room for me anyway!!
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