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Now, seems like we can all agree about choosing to date (or marry) an animal lover, but what about a fellow pet owner? Although I adore my pooch, have dated a fair share of dog (and cat!) lovers, and enjoy meeting new animals, I'm not sure North could handle sharing our home with another furball. In fact, my friends joke that I'd come back and there could very well be one dog left standing . . . and that dog would be North – I mean have you seen what he does to his toys?!

Have you ever had to invite another pet into your home, and how did it work out?


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mnp mnp 7 years
It wouldn't work. Fuji just loves being the center of attention. The beau wanted to a dog for himself and he did have one for a day* but Fuji wouldn't have it. Fuji snapped at the dog and whined every time we touched the new dog. And after a while, Fuji wouldn't let us near him. He's a big baby. lol. *We returned the dog to the breeder. It didn't get along with Fuji and we didn't want to make both dogs stressed.
wakeupandora wakeupandora 7 years
since we do a lot of animal fostering, appropriate introduction and adjustment period just CANNOT be taken for granted! We've had 9 dogs in the last 4 years, at most 3 at a time, fostering and had 2 foster cats for 2 years, and a frog and bearded dragon. We are now down to three owned dogs in the house only. Its very nice, they all coexist great!
Aphrosette Aphrosette 7 years
Our house seems to be the doggie romper room in our neighborhood. On any given night there will be dogs visiting us just to play with my two pups. We've also had many overnight guests and it seems to work out just fine. Though I will admit that when we first brought Sammy into the mix Auggie wasn't too keen on the idea. But after a few days, Auggie marked on Sammy (gross I know but its how they show love!) and I knew we were free and clear from that point on!
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 7 years
When my husband and I married we had to blend my college dog (spoiled beyond rotten) and his college cat (just rotten :wink:). At first the cat just hid all the time and attacked me when I least expected it. The dog was fine and just ingnored the cat unless he walked within ten feet of her food bowl. Four years later and the two actually cuddle and sleep on the same bed. It is adorable. They are both jet black so you can't tell where one ends and the other begins. Of course we've added a goofy puppy to the mix now whom they both like to ignore! :)
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