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Do Tell: Have You Been Tripped Up by a Pet?

When FitSugar mentioned hearing of people-tripping-over-pets phenomenon, I was intrigued. Released last Friday in a CDC report were some rather shocking statistics – over 86,000 Americans wind up in the ER every year because of falls related to furry friends, with 90 percent dog-related. Ouch!Even though this accounts for just one percent of all emergency room visits that's quite a bit to attribute to four-legged friends across the country.

Twenty-six percent of falls involving dogs occurred while persons were walking them, and the most frequent circumstances were falling or tripping over a dog (31.3 percent) and being pushed or pulled by a dog (21.2 percent). Falling over a pet item (e.g., a toy or food bowl) accounted for 8.8 percent of fall injuries. Approximately 38.7 percent involved other or unknown circumstances.

I've definitely gotten tangled up by North's leash, though I've never fallen (knock on proverbial wood). Have you ever tumbled over a pet or pet-related gear?

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