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Do Tell: Renting With Pets?

I spent agonizing weeks searching for pet-friendly apartments both in New York and San Francisco – it wasn't easy to find a place that welcomed my lil guy! The Dogs Trust offers these helpful tips for finding a home with your animals:

  • Write a pet résumé including dog's breed, size, age, activity level, and special accomplishments or training.
  • Get pet references from prior landlords, trainers, or others that know your pet well.
  • Offer proof from a vet of vaccinations, neutering, and any deworming and flea medications.
  • Explain his daily routine (e.g., visitors, dog walkers, daycare) to show how your pet will be cared for in your absence.

Have you ever had trouble finding a place to live that would also open its doors to your furry friend? Share your stories and advice in the comments below!


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