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Pet-iquette For Your Pooch When Out and About

Jun 10 2014 - 6:29pm

It seems as if everywhere you go, there's a cute pooch. From the local grocery store to your favorite nail salon, pups are now more welcome than ever in markets, boutiques, and restaurants. But there's a big difference between a precious pup and one that doesn't behave well in public — and not everyone is a dog-lover. If you've got a pooch that goes everywhere with you, make sure he's up on proper pet etiquette before he tags along. Here are a few pet products and tips that will ensure your sweet pup is well behaved and that you're prepared for just about anything while out with your faithful friend.

Source: Flickr user Lee Nachtigal [1]

Proper Training

Before heading out with your pup, it's a good idea to take him to a local training class. No one likes a yipping dog that nips at interested hands, even if he's supercute. Proper training teaches your dog how to sit, stay, and follow directions when out in public.

Along with working with your dog on his etiquette, if you've got a small dog, carrier-train your pooch by enticing him into your bag with treats and positive reinforcement. Begin by inviting your pup into the carrier bag while it's on the ground. Try encouraging him to spend a bit of time in the carrier every day. Once he's comfortable, try lifting the bag while talking calmly. Continue working slowly with your dog until he's comfortable being carried in the carrier bag, and then you're ready to hit the town.

Source: Flickr user andreaarden [2]

Use a Pet Carrier Bag

Even if you're used to popping your little pup in your purse, when heading out to your favorite restaurant or store, use a proper pet carrier, like this fashionable dog carrier tote [3] ($50). This way, you can comfortably zip away your pooch safely.

Carry a Leash

It's always a good idea to have an extra leash close at hand, like this chic handmade dog leash [4] ($27). And having your dog on a tight leash lets others know that you're in control and that your pup isn't going to jump all over them or their food while dining out.

Cozy Spot

Make sure to have a cozy pet blanket [5] ($35) close at hand to put down on restaurant patios or in quiet corners when you're out and about with your pup. And if your little guy is well trained, he'll know to stay put.

Fresh Breath

The next time your pooch wants to make new friends, give him a few breath mints [6] ($9) to chew. This way he'll woo any naysayers who might not want doggie breath so up close and personal.

Clean It Up

Toss a lint roller [7] ($6) in your bag to quickly pick up any pet hairs your pup leaves behind while visiting your favorite spots. It's great for clearing any stray hairs from your clothes, too.

No Itching

Along with taking your pup to the groomer regularly, keep him flea- and tick-free with treatments [8] ($18) or a repellent shampoo. This way, everyone will love petting your sweet pup.

Food and Water on the Go

Remember that not everyone is going to be as excited to be around your dog as you are, so bring food and water when you're taking him out on the town. Collapsible food containers [9] ($8 each) fit easily in your purse or dog carrier. This way, you can provide a tasty snack or a quick drink without troubling others.

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