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Peep Pretty Pooches Posing With Petals

May 6 2011 - 4:42pm

Flowers are great accessories for pets for furry photo ops (don't let pups eat them [1] though)! To honor the season, I've gathered a bunch of absolutely adorable pics of pooches posing with all sorts of flowers — see for yourself and start this slideshow.

Source: Flickr User Sugar Pond [2]

As Perfect as a Pug Is . . .

I love this pooch topped off with a bright orange flower!

Source: Flickr User [177] [3]

What Did He Find?

Looks like this lucky Beagle spotted a cut blossom.

Source: Flickr User platinumblondelife [4]

Watch Out For Falling Flowers

Fire the flower girl! The petals belong on the ground.

Source: Flickr User Pink Sherbet Photography [5]

Black and White All Over

A clear shot at a black lab is even lovelier with white flowers in fuzzy focus up front.

Source: Flickr User michael.wigren [6]

Lippy Tulips

The Boston has his eye on a treat up above . . . and not the pretty tulips in back.

Source: Flickr User BL4d3RuNr [7]

Tramplin' Daisies

A Bull Terrier is plotting a path to plod through a garden of daisies.

Source: Flickr User rtadlock [8]

Keeper of the Cacti

If it's too hot and dry for all types of flowers, add in some cacti (and doggie guard), too.

Source: Flickr User soylentgreen23 [9]

Puppy-Sized Floral Decor

Ohh, cavie pooch, that flower's bigger than your head.

Source: Flickr User schmidty lucky and kasey anne [10]

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Her Hair

"If doggie's goinnn' to Saaaan Fraaannn-cisco . . ."

Source: Flickr User ktylerconk [11]

Bed of Non-Roses

I never would have guessed that purple and yellow would go so well with a calmly posing lab!

Source: Flickr User Graylight [12]

Look, But Don't Taste

That Chow Chow better not chow down on those flowers!

Source: Flickr User AndrewGorden [13]


A smiley pooch weaves in and out of tall blossoms.

Source: Flickr User Spiros2004 [14]

As Far as the Eye Can See

How nice to run though a field of daisies?!

Source: Flickr User TheGiantVermin [15]


I see you, flower.

Source: Flickr User popofatticus [16]

Snuggle Plants?

This German Shepherd is saddling up to flowers.

Source: Flickr User asbeas [17]

Barking a Yippee

Happy dance by a Pug who found flowers!

Source: Flickr User KaroliK [18]

Hawaii Stylin'

Wait, does the left or right side mean this pup's taken?

Source: Flickr User ewen and donabel [19]

Here Comes the Dog

This Golden Retriever had some blooms tucked into her collar for a clever photo opportunity.

Source: Flickr User Tim PopUp [20]

Queen of the Flowers

This dog may be lei'd but she's not laying down!

Source: Flickr User Sugar Pond [21]

Dog Marks the Spot

Well, if the pup can't dig them up, what else is he supposed to do?

Source: Flickr User Alex E. Proimos [22]

She's Been Naturally Framed

These budding blossoms tower over a tiny pooch.

Source: Flickr User Caninest [23]

Get Ready (or Not)

Either toss the ball or this dog may fetch the flowers!

Source: Flickr User PJLewis [24]

Rottie Rosebud

This Rottweiler keeps flower pickers well away from his roses.

Source: Flickr User Gregg [25]

Action Shot

I bet that flower doesn't smell good.

Source: Flickr User helena.40proof [26]

Don't Look Here, Buddy

Who's prettier — the smooshies or the buds?

Source: Flickr User Mingo.nl [27]

Gardenside Naps

Let sleeping dogs lie . . . near flowers.

Source: Flickr User tata_aka_T [28]

Soft Pink and Sleepyheads

Another pooch asleep on the job!

Source: Flickr User bortescristian [29]

Aloof in Lavender

Right at doggie level is the best place to capture this black and brown dog.

Source: Flickr User tramani_sagrens [30]


So sweet this dog sits on the stoop, with a bit of softly focused yellow up front.

Source: Flickr User ramsey everydaypants [31]

Shaggy Dog and Wildflowers

I hope this dog didn't have all that wine!

Source: Flickr User Jason Riedy [32]

Where's the Dog?

This time the fuzzy dog looks fuzzy behind a pastel pink bouquet.

Source: Flickr User sneakerdog [33]

Too Many Pretty Petals to Count

That slideshow was so lovely that now it's time for a nap!

Source: Flickr User Sugar Pond [34]

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