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Amazing Videos: These Dogs Are March Madness Crazy

Mar 28 2014 - 7:00am

As we round the corner of the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight, pups everywhere are crazy over March Madness. We found a collection of pooches who know how to get in the game — from dunking dogs to dribbling pups — and some of these dogs are serious contenders. Click through for an elite selection of eight basketball dog videos that will wow you with their slammin' abilities.

Dunk It Good

This little French bulldog is adorable and has mad skills — plus, his owner sure knows how to rock a basketball jersey.

Great Player

Yes, this dog can play basketball better than you. Watch as he dunks, passes, and steals the ball.


OK, this dog video is simply darn cute. All of these pups are MVPs in my book.

Wanna Play?

This dog is so cool you kind of want to head over to this gym and toss the ball with him after watching this video.

Slam Dunk!

Even though this pooch can't hit a regulation-height slam dunk, he figures out a way to score some serious cuteness points.

Run the Ball

This agile pup knows how to hustle with the ball.

Practice Makes Perfect

The owners of this slam-dunking pup were just as surprised as he was when he nailed this shot.

Dribbling Star

Paws down, this dog knows how to dribble.

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