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Smart Dogs Wearing Glasses

Jun 17 2014 - 4:59pm

These dogs are serious smarty-pants and have no problem showing it. From pups looking over their rims to those donning spectacles to read the paper, these distinguished dogs are happy to be called four eyes.

Source: Found Animals [1]

Just Checking the Stocks

Yeah, that's right. Just wanted to take a quick peek at my investments.

Source: Instagram user annamorhiss [2]


I can totally see better now that I'm wearing my glasses.

Source: Instagram user robbycrafton [3]

No, I'm Not Judging You

Really. I'm not.

Source: Instagram user sev_bunyat [4]

What Are You Looking At?

I'm just trying to get caught up on my cuddle time.

Source: Instagram user ckcabman [5]

Classic Black

Do these glasses make my face look skinnier?

Source: Instagram user kimmykim07 [6]

Lookin' Good

Who knows how to rock a pair of specs? This cool pup.

Source: Instagram user jaycice [7]

Tuckered Out

Nothing like relaxing after a long day at the office.

Source: Instagram user sheralikhan [8]


Just catching a quick nap between chapters.

Source: Instagram user izzy_miyaki [9]

I See You

Yeah, that's right. I see you misbehaving over there.

Source: Instagram user michellewashere [10]


I love wearing glasses!

Source: Instagram user lilikoi_rella_kat [11]

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