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Fill Your Pet's Easter Basket With Spring Treats!

Apr 5 2012 - 4:00am

Easter is a day filled with temptations for pets (some dangerous [1], as we've seen), so do your fuzzy or feathered friend a favor and create a special Easter basket just for him! We scoured Etsy [2] to round up our favorite treats for dogs, cats, rodents, and birds, so your pet pal doesn't feel left out of the celebration.

Source: Flickr User spiegelverkehrt [3]

Easter Bunny Dog Cookies

Dogs will jump for joy for yogurt-dipped peanut butter bunny cookies [4] ($8 for 6).

Catnip Easter Eggs

Cute and colorful fleece eggs [5] ($6 for 3 eggs) are stuffed with organic catnip for batting and chasing.

Chicken Yummies

If you're lucky enough to keep chickens, reward them for their ample egg-giving with a treat mix [6] ($7) of dried mealworm, sunflower seeds, raisins, peanuts, rolled oats, barley flakes, and cracked corn.

Nut and Fruit Treat Sticks

Birds will love pecking away at these tasty treat sticks [7] ($3 for a pair) made from apple, apricots, blueberries, walnuts, almonds, and peanut butter.

Easter Dog Truffles

Easter candy goes to the dogs with these yogurt-coated truffles [8] ($6).

Homegrown Catnip

Stash a bottle of this homegrown catnip [9] ($3) in Kitty's basket, and she'll have an ample supply for Spring!

Catnip Carrot

Carrots aren't just for bunnies! Cats can enjoy an adorable catnip version [10] ($4) for veggies with a kick!

Oregano Wreath

Bunnies will love these all-natural oregano wreaths [11] ($3 for 2 wreaths) to toss and nibble.

Chix Vegetarian Dog Treats

Treat your poochie chickadee with all-natural, made-to-order dog snacks [12] ($5 for 5 ounces) in Easter-friendly shapes.

Catnip Mouse and Easter Bunny

Bunny the little grey mouse and his Peeps-lookin' friend [13] ($8) are soft, fuzzy, and stuffed with Wild Mountain Cosmic organic catnip for crazy Easter fun.

Bunny Treat Sticks

Organic apple, carrot, banana, and grass are baked into crunchy bunny treat sticks [14] ($8 for one dozen).

Nest Carob Dog Cookies

Dogs will love hatching the flavor of these carob nest cookies [15] ($5 for 6 ounces) and their yogurt-coated peanut "eggs!"

Dehydrated apples

Virtually any animal (even the human kind!) can enjoy dehydrated apple slices [16] ($6) for a sweet Easter snack.

Doggie Easter Egg Creams

Egg-shaped cinnamon cookies sandwich yogurt "cream" filling and get an extra drizzle of yogurt on top in these delicious-looking Easter treats [17] ($6 per box).

Easter Icon Dog Cookies

Bunnies and chicks and eggs, oh my! Adorable Easter designs grace these tasty yogurt-frosted cookies [18] ($2 each), which will look perfect nestled in a basket.

Munchy Popper

Little critters will love digging into the nutty surprises of this munchy popper [19] ($3). Hamsters, mice, and more can shred the untreated paper wrapper to find peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, dried apples and carrots, and timothy hay.

Easter Doggie Gift Box

Your pup will be on the hunt for a smorgasbord of 16 Easter treats [20] ($30), which comes wrapped in a cute gift box.

Twig Gnawers

Birds, bunnies, and guinea pigs alike love gnawing on pear branches [21] ($5 for one bundle), and the chewing keeps teeth and beaks trimmed.

Easter Bloom Dog Cookies

While the kiddies are unwrapping chocolate Easter eggs, indulge your pup with these apple-cinnamon cookies coated in yummy yogurt [22] ($7).

Catnip Peeps Toys

Packaged up in an adorable pinstriped box, this set of four catnip Peeps toys [23] ($15) will look right at home in your cat's Easter basket!

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