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5 Tips to Green Up Your Pup's Routine

May 14 2013 - 6:14pm

It doesn't seem as though a pet would have a large carbon footprint, but when you stop to think about where your dog's food, toys, and other equipment come from, his environmental impact can actually be quite significant. However, it doesn't take an extreme life makeover to turn your pooch's routine into a green machine. Just follow these easy-peasy tips, and tell us: what do you do to green up your pup's daily activities?

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Compost and Recycle

Depending on where you live, pet waste can be composted if disposed of in the proper receptacles, so swap out plastic bags with compostable, biodegradable options [2]. Look for toys, food bowls, and other equipment made from recycled materials. And recycle food and treat packaging whenever possible.

Clean Up Your Act

Instead of chemical-heavy shampoos, detergents, and stain removers, indulge your pup in earth-friendly products with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients. Or, make your own with items you can find in your kitchen [3]!

Resuscitate Old Toys

Dirty, well-mouthed rope toys get a second life after a quick rinsing and trip through the microwave, while tennis balls bounce back after a cycle in the washer and dryer. Look for toys that are made from recycled materials, and if your pup loses interest in an old toy, do a toy swap with a doggie buddy (just disinfect the toys with pet-friendly detergent [4] before giving them to your pal).

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Buy Locally

It's likely that the bag of food your pooch is eying traveled across the country to arrive at your doorstep. Look for food and treats produced in your area to cut down on the energy expended to get to your pet's food bowl.

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Water Wisely

It's so easy to grab a disposable plastic water bottle on the way out the door for a weekend hike with your pal, but that convenience carries with it a massive carbon footprint thanks to the energy expended to ship it around the country. If your destination has a water fountain, bring a portable folding bowl or top your bottle with a drinking adaptor for pets [7] so you and your pup can share!


Use your human paws to hoof it while running errands. Your pooch would love to join you for the trip! If you must use your car, try to group your errands together so you can park in one place and hit a bunch of your tasks at once. Getting out on your own two legs (and his own four) saves the environment from excess exhaust, and it's great for you and your pup's well-being!

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