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Embarrassing Moments With Pets

Pet Community: Your Most Embarrassing Paw-dicaments

Pets produce funny predicaments on the daily. I recently asked readers to share their wildest and most embarrassing conundrums, and the responses made me cringe with a mix of giggles and horror. We can't blame our furry friends, folks. It's just animal behavior! Here are some of the silliest stories:

  • My first cat, Peyton, was a tiny 6 lb. Himalayan rescue who was a holy terror when it came to going to a groomer. She, on more than one occasion, was asked to leave and never return. One time, with a partial lion cut. And by partial, I mean only two or three shaved strips down the center of her back. She looked like a pissed off dust ruffle. — Fuzzles
  • The other week I was going to pick up some photos from Walgreens that was only a few miles away, and decided to let my puppy ride with me. When I got back to my apartment complex I had to roll down my window to enter my code for the gate. And of course Finn chooses that moment to make a running leap from the passenger side seat out the driver's side window. I was sooo embarrassed to have him go flying out my car like that with other cars behind me! Although I was very thankfully that he wasn't hurt (he's a dachshund), and didn't run off. — Sundaydrive

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  • My fiance's boxer, Willis, loves to eat anything of mine, particularly my panties. Once he swallowed a thong whole. It was bad enough when I noticed it was missing, but the next day he threw it up in my fiance's parent's living room. Luckily his dad is a vet so he's seen it all. I'm just glad he didn't have to surgically remove them from the dog's stomach! — sweetcase
  • My Rottweiler, may she rest in peace, was a trash dog. She loved trash. It's bad enough that she dug through the kitchen trash and got in to the outdoor trash cans, but one time, she got a hold of the bathroom trash. During a family BBQ, Lakota Dog came out with a plastic trash baggie full of tampon applicators, pads, and wrappers, and ripped the bag open so the contents were on full display! She must have known I couldn't stay mad at her. — Girl Jen
  • About 3 weeks after we got Reuben, we were shopping for a new car. When we found one, we had to take the car we were trading in to the bank to get a check. On the way back to the dealership, two minutes before we were about to trade this old beat up Golf in, he totally peed in the backseat! — Beaner

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