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Red Listed: New List of Animals Close To Extinction

Oct 26 2008 - 7:00am

In an annual "health check for the planet", the International Union for Conservation of Nature [1] has released its list of the most threatened animals on earth. The scary news? Twenty-five percent of all mammals are on the verge of extinction [2]. That's a big number to swallow, considering there are over 44,000 animals on the Red List this year.

Check out my slideshow of just a few of the animals that are critically endangered, but also check out Conservation International's website with an educational countdown clock [3] showing us animals that are pushed to extinction every nine to 44 minutes. It's scary stuff, but it really makes you realize how delicate the balance is between safe . . . and extinct.

Source [4]

The Indri

Source [5]

Kirtland's Warbler

Source [6]

The Radiated Tortoise

Source [7]

The Black-eared Mantella

Source [8]

The Iberian Lynx

Source [9]

The Black Grouper

Source [10]

The Peacock Parachute Tarantula

Source [11]

The Caspian Seal

Source [12]

The Purple Marsh Crab

Source [13]

The Tasmanian Devil

Source [14]

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