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Pretty as a Picture: Custom Pet Portraits From Etsy

Aug 3 2013 - 8:00am

If you're looking to fill that empty space above your mantle with some vibrant family portraits [1], don't forget to include your pet. They are part of the family, too, after all. Etsy offers a variety of custom pet portraits in all mediums — even 3D! All you need to do is send in a picture of your dog or cat [2] (or bird or chinchilla) and the artist will send you back a finished masterpiece. Click through to see our favorites, and get decorating.

—Additional reporting by Tara Block

Corelladesign's Boston Terrier Print [3] ($20) is a simple and sweet illustration.

How funny is this silly painting [4] ($300)? The sillier your pet photo, the more unique and smile-inducing your portrait will be.

This classic watercolor portrait [5] ($38) would fit right in with the rest of your art collection.

Surely you consider your pooch king of the house, so show it by choosing a portrait like this majestic painting [6] ($75).

For the Corgi owner, these customizable prints [7] ($15) can feature your dog's name in the bone.

This bespoke portrait [8] ($106) is perfect for a family of four.

If black and white is more your palette of choice, this ink drawing [9] ($75) would be a perfect choice.

This winsome Edgar Allan Pug [10] ($18) print is sure to crack you up.

Is 2D too boring for you? Get your pet made in three dimensions with these wool figurines [11] ($385).

Parody a classic with a "Birth of Venus" painting of your dog or cat [12] ($387).

This minimal but colorful print [13] ($116) is perfect for fans of pop art.

How hilarious is this comic-book-inspired pet portrait [14] ($100)?

What better way to celebrate your union than with these wedding cake toppers [15] ($180) that include all the members of your new family.

Etsy seller outtatheblue [16] ($185) specializes in multiple-pet portraits, perfect for the cat lady who wants a group shot of all her babies.

These watercolor paintings of pets are all modeled after famous historical paintings and people. Love this Great Dane Houdon [17] ($17) — so regal!

How cool is this ink drawing [18] ($60)? The design is so hip, it could easily work for a t-shirt or canvas bag.

This adorable print [19] ($190) comes in its own vintage-inspired frame, perfect for hanging with all your other frames.

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