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Ever Had a Pet Rabbit?

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photodee photodee 6 years
Bunnies are wonderful pets!!!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 6 years
My hubby told me we couldn't get a rabbit because he thought our dogs would hurt it since they like to chase rabbits out of our yard. Funny thing though, we had three baby bunnies that were abandoned by the mom in our yard (they could just barely move) and the dogs would get all motherly on them. They would go up and lay about a foot away, sniff them, give a lick or two, and then would lay their head down and just watch the bunnies. Makes me wonder.
Ellenora Ellenora 6 years
I've always wanted a pet bunny. Zena hunts bunnies as a job so no bunnies for me right now!
Smacks83 Smacks83 6 years
After my first dog died, i really thought I wanted a bunny. I kept thinking about it and "putting it out there in the universe" that I wanted a bunny. I went to the shelter one day and walked out with a 65lb dog named Bunny. Lesson learned? Be more specific,lol.
betty-kraker betty-kraker 6 years
precious_pets4 precious_pets4 6 years
My little guy is named "Boo". He's all black except for a diagonal white line on his nose (which is forever wiggling!) He's very small (about 5 pounds)- when I first brought him home, he fit inside the pocket of my sweatshirt! He's house-broken, neutered, has full run of the house (luckily, he doesn't chew anything he's not suppossed to) & secretly thinks he's a cat (I have 3 cats & that's the only other animals he's ever known!). I had several rabbits over the years, but Boo is absolutely a 'perfect' house rabbit! When I get up in the morning, he follows me into the bathroom to get first dibs on my attention! I'm very biased, but he's adorable!!! The only problem we have is his teeth -- they grow VERY fast, and he has a mal-acclusion (bottom teeth in front of top teeth, instead of other way around). I have to get his teeth trimmed every six weeks! I don't use pine, cedar, or aspen shavings in his litter pan (to comment on Yogaforlife's comment above). Yesterday's news is bedding pellets made from recycled newspapers (found in the cat litter section of any store). It works FABULOUSLY for rabbits, becauce they don't spill it or track it around. I just dump out his litter pan every morning and refill with fresh pellets. So easy! He does shed alot (but likes to be brushed) Nothing cuter than a rabbit 'cleaning' his face!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 6 years
I've always wanted one, I think floppy eared bunnies are the cutest thing. The whole bedding thing puts me off though. I'm afraid it would aggravate my allergies.
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