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The Best Internet Cat Personalities of 2012

Dec 31 2012 - 3:30am

Some of the biggest YouTube and meme stars of the year had nothing to do with Bieber fever or "Gangnam Style" but with adorable, curious, and grumpy cats. Whether it's because they got us giggling in true LOL Cat fashion or made our hearts melt with tales of courage, take a look back at the most memorable feline stars of 2012.


Anakin the two-legged cat [1] was born without a pelvis or back legs and became a star for how he's adapted to his situation. He balances himself by positioning his front legs toward the middle of his body and, thanks in part to his undaunted spirit, gets around like most other cats do.

Source: Facebook User Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat [2]


A sad French cat, Henri's been known to ponder the meaning of life. A video [3] in which he talks about being tormented by long naps and not being able to snack on birds got the award for best cat video of the year at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival.


One look at Venus and you know that she's special. The cat with a half black, half orange face and one blue and one green eye had the Internet asking if she was real and offering theories of how she came to be.

Source: Facebook User Venus's Page - Amazing Chimera cat [4]


Oskar the kitten was born without eyes; his rise to fame began with a video that his owners captured of him as a newborn playing with a toy ball. [5] It won Friskies' best cat video award.

Source: Facebook User Oskar the Blind Cat (Official) [6]

Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow looks mad — all the time. Whether the cat is playing Nintendo or lounging around, its bulging eyes and wild hair [7] always give away its true feelings.

Source: Facebook User Colonel Meow [8]


Cute Pusheen the cat is the star of an animated webcomic series with a very big fan base. Pusheen loves to snuggle and eat, and her life is documented thorough pictures and GIFs on her very own website. [9]

Source: Facebook User Pusheen [10]

Tard the Grumpy Cat

Tard the Grumpy Cat became one of the biggest Internet hits of the year [11] after pictures were posted to Reddit in September. Spawning memes left and right, the mixed breed kitty couldn't hide her grumpiness [12] no matter what the situation.

Source: Facebook User Tard the Grumpy Cat (Official) [13]

Lil Bub

Called one of the cutest cats ever, Lil Bub is a dwarf and "perma-kitten," which means she'll have kitten-sized features [14] all her life. But that doesn't stop her from living like to its feline fullest.

Source: Facebook User Lil Bub [15]


Spangles is a cross-eyed kitty that was born on the Fourth of July. Like many of us, he loves to take pictures in fun hats and costumes.

Source: Facebook User Spangles the Cross Eyed kitty [16]

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