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Feed the Birds: Recycled Birdfeeder and Corn

Mar 18 2008 - 3:30pm

I only wish I had a tree (or backyard) to tempt many birds to come for a visit. Even North loves watching things fly by! For those lucky suburban or rural dwellers, this ecotastic [1] twofer is completely made up of reused materials! The unique Recycled Birdfeeders [2] ($49 [3]) are tray-hanging, platform feeders constructed with recycled parts from birdhouses and leftover asphalt roof shingles.

Simply adding corn to a platform feeder like this one will attract a different group of birds than our millet version [4] — if you're curious why (and who) .

Add cracked corn ($5.99 for five pounds) [5] to any feeder — especially a larger one for those big birds — and you'll see other feathered friends like:

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