Found! Rose McGowan's Four-in-One Pet Carrier

Found! Rose McGowan's Four-in-One Pet Carrier

I'd have to say Rose McGowan won me over when she appeared in the Dogs 101 episode featuring Boston Terriers – I knew she was an animal activist, but I didn't realize how dedicated she was to my fave breed! She volunteers with Boston Terrier Rescue Net, helping to place pups, and even had two smooshies of her own. Sadly she lost one of her precious pals, Fester, earlier this year but I'm glad to see her bringing Bug out and about – how cute is she?!

Pick up a Pet Wheel-Away ($78) in black, red, green, or this "zippy zebra" pattern. Not only is it perfect for jet-setting, hidden straps make it an easy backpack convert if you don't want to hold the handle or wheel it around. It comes with a padded bed for cross-country trips and the three-sided mesh feature helps your furry friend keep a watchful eye on you, too.

Check out a couple more pictures of Rose and Bug – snuggling and kissing her head, awwww! – below.

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