Fun Facts For National Mule Day | Pictures

We're All Ears For National Mule Day!

Fun Facts For National Mule Day | Pictures

Not surprisingly, I've been a horse lover since my first pony ride at age 3, but while many little girls fall for the allure of elegant Arabian steeds or swift Thoroughbreds, my equine obsession has revolved around something a little less refined: the long-ear. I can horse around with just about any hoofed creature, but what warms my heart is a mule or donkey with a big personality and a little sass. So when I found out that today is National Mule Day, I couldn't help but round up a few photos of these saucy hybrids hamming it up for the camera. Care to learn a thing or two about these big-eared, big-hearted creatures? Just check out this slideshow.

Source: Instagram user tfenn20


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