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Geek Out: 9 Gamer Goodies For Furry Friends

Mar 11 2010 - 9:30am

Ready to play? For all those geeky [1] pet owners out there, your Final Fantasy [2] has come true. Not too long ago, Community member nxtannawintour [3] consulted my pal GeekSugar looking for gameresque gear for her new pooch — we tag teamed the effort as she picked some awesome techie treats [4] and I chose goodies that even novice gamers will want to share with furry friends. See what's in store and hit the start button!

Space Invaders

Pets are definitely invaders of the space so why not outfit the lil devils in this Retro Gamer Pooch Sweater ($40) [5]?! It's so snuggly and cute, too!

Circuit Board Harness

The Circuit Board Harness ($35) [6] gets back to business retro-style — after all, classic video game cartridges featured a circuit board, not a CD.

Legendary Triforce

The Legend of Zelda Triforce Logo Dog Bandana ($7.50) [7] is just what pups need with Wisdom, Power and Courage to keep them strong and safe!

Duck Down, Duck Down.

My first gaming experience came from the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridges that came with the first Nintendo [8] console. Miss the falling ducks from the sky? Look into the Dead Duck toy for your bird-cat ($8) [9].

Old School Controller

Wait a minute . . . I recognize that Original Nintendo controller for felines ($9) [10]. Are you playing Duck Hunt already, sweet cat?

Calling All Dogs

North certainly sees me chatting up a storm on my iPhone so why not get him his own . . . as an iPhone Collar Charm ($7) [11] (although this one doesn't come with any super cool games [12]).

Role Players

For all the wild RPG gamers out there, this Pet Charm ($5) [13] includes a D4 dice, as seen in some role-playing games. Or your furry friend can stick to her role . . . as your pet.

Toadstool Time

While not technically the toadstools from Super Mario Bros., this Toadstool collar ($17) [14] surely has a geeky gamer feel to me.

Questionable Catnip

Have kitty pose her questions to the Mario Question Mark Block - for your 8-bit cat ($12) [15]. The answer: Time to play.

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