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Summer Fun in Panda Land

Jun 6 2012 - 11:15am

Bouncy horse? Check. Bamboo snacks? Check. Long Summer naps? You bet. These giant bears have plenty to keep them occupied while they enjoy the steamy temperatures at the Beijing Zoo in China. One thing's for certain: life is good when you're a panda.

June in Beijing may be steamy, but there's always room for some exercise.

Who is that masked man? This time, it's not the Lone Ranger!

Even pandas love play structures!

Taking a break.

Hang on, buddy! You're almost there!

Hot days call for plenty of water breaks!

Snack time! This panda lounges while eating his bamboo.

Pausing for a pensive moment up in the tree.

After a long day of play, this guy is tuckered out.

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