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Greatest American Dog Finale Recap

Greatest American Dog Recap: "And the Winner Is. . ."

First off, I can't believe this show is over already! It feels like just yesterday we were getting to know these super pooches and their (sometimes dramatic) owners. But last night it was all about the final three. Within the first 30 minutes of the show we were eliminating one of the finalists after a round of interviews, and said goodbye to JD and Galaxy who took their final lap in the show. I thought Galaxy was an amazing dog and only wish North could catch his Frisbees like her!

For the second Best in Show challenge the final two – Travis and Presley, Laurie and Andrew – were sent through a tough K9 course, and caught up with an old pal – Suzy the elephant! Yup, Suzy was back to help out in this challenge again, but this time the finalists would have to get closer to her than ever before. To see my rundown on the challenge, and find out who took the top prize as Greatest American Dog, just


Presley and Andrew had to run the K9 course and fetch their favorite toy from underneath Suzy as the last challenge of the day. The contestants were judged on delivery of commands, proximity to their dog, and progress. With Travis and Presley up first, I knew that he would probably fly through the course – which he did – and get held up on fetching his toy from under Suzy. I was right, but I have to give the guy some credit – I keep forgetting he's only 16-months-old! That elephant would scare any puppy.

Laurie and Andrew were less impressive on the K9 course, with Laurie seeming to hover over Andrew, not letting him show his stuff. The little Maltese totally blew me away when he had to come face to face with Suzy. Andrew ran right underneath the 9,000 pound elephant and got his toy! Fearless, that one.

The final round of judging came in the Best in Show arena where the finalists were welcomed by all the past contestants – it was nice to see all my favorites in one room again! After a round of questioning ("Why is your dog the Greatest American Dog"), the winner was crowned. It was Travis and Presley! The youngster took the crown for his athleticism, enthusiasm, and for his improvement over the course of the show, all the while proving you don't have to be perfect to be a winner. It seems there wasn't a dry eye in the house as they made their way around the ring – not only was Brandy wiping her eyes, but so was Michael, one of my early faves. Although I'm sad to see it go, I can't wait to see if this show gets picked up for another season – it's definitely on my short list of shows I must watch! Now that the show has taken its final lap, what are your thoughts on the show? Will you tune in again?

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