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Grumpy Cat Gets a Movie Deal: Celebrate With These LOL Memes

Jun 7 2013 - 6:00am

With excitement buzzing around Grumpy Cat's recent movie deal, we can't stop talking about who will be voicing the cheery princess herself. Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat) quickly became the outrageously popular base for the silliest pet memes [1] and will be the center of a movie from the studio responsible for films such as Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Jack and Jill. In celebration of the upcoming flick, we've rounded up our favorite Grumpy Cat memes. Who do you think will be chosen to vocalize Grumpy Cat's curmudgeonly thoughts? Tell us in a comment below!

Source: Instagram user realgrumpycat [2]

Harry Potter Happy

I think we can all visualize it.

Source: Instagram user brave_divergent12 [3]


Grumpy Cat doesn't like these plants, at all.

Source: Instagram user ilaugh_memes [4]

Not a Morning Kitty

So many of us humans feel this way, but Grumpy Cat knows how to put it just right.

Source: Instagram user celestepeppy [5]


Even while lounging, Grumpy Cat doesn't make time for anyone.

Source: Instagram user realgrumpycat [6]

Don't Hate the Messenger

Grumpy Cat isn't interested in hearing about the change of season.

Source: Instagram user realgrumpycat [7]


That's right, even in French, Grumpy Cat is still grumpy.

Source: Instagram user _official_grumpy_cat [8]

No Remorse

Grumpy Cat says it like it is.

Source: Instagram user ashleytaylor93 [9]

No Love Here

Grumpy Cat may enjoy time in nature, but she'll never admit it.

Source: Instagram user realgrumpycat [10]

Stay on Track

Keep on track with these positive words from Grumpy Cat.

Source: Instagram user alexgriffith_ [11]

Honest Words

Grumpy Cat only has one use for this grass.

Source: Instagram user catmemes_ [12]

Santa's Little Helper

Even during the holidays, Grumpy Cat spreads lots of cheer.

Source: Instagram user catmemes_ [13]

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