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Covetable Hats For Cats (and Dogs, Too)

Mar 2 2010 - 6:00am

While hats present a fairly simple costume to top off a pet's photo opp, they're still one of the cutest [1] around. I've recently found an adorable selection on Etsy that I'm thinking North (or Bella's hat-loving Milo [2]) should use to pose prettily immediately. Check out the wild choices and see if you find a favorite.

My Angelic Side Is on Vacation

I'm betting the mischief wasn't that bad with a Lil Devil ($20) [3] — she's way too cute.

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

It's probably just a mythical creature, but this Magical Unicorn ($20) [4] lets it come to life for your cat.

Umm, Meow-Ribbit

Looks like this Froggie Friend ($20) [5] is only ready for bedtime — hopping to commence later.

Somebody's Sleeping in my Bed

A lazy feline is surely waiting for Goldilocks as Little Bear ($20) [6].

Honey-Colored Honey Bear

The stoic Lab poses as a funny Big Bear ($20) [7], too.

Flopsy Mopsy

A Chihuahua makes a definite Bunny Cutie ($20) [8] but where's the cottontail?!

What Big Eyes You Have

With this Scary Monster ($20) [9] it's all Rawr. Nuff said.

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