Healthy Dog Treat Alternatives

Summer Shape-Up, Part 4: Toning Up Treats

Summer Shape-Up, Part 4: Toning Up Treats

Sure, you can count your pet's calories with the best of them and read the back of a food can like a registered nutritionist. But when it comes to those sad little treat-deprived eyes, you're a big softie. Even if your pet's on a diet, it's possible to reward him for a job well done — you'll just need to choose some healthier alternatives to the fat-laden biscuits and chews lurking in most pet treat packages. Poke around your fridge, and you'll find a slew of low-calorie options that will keep tails a-wagging and waists a-slimming. Though these treat selections are tailored to dogs, many will make Kitty lick her lips too, depending on what she likes to eat!

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