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Summer Shape-Up, Part 4: Toning Up Treats

Aug 9 2012 - 4:00am

Sure, you can count your pet's calories [1] with the best of them and read the back of a food can [2] like a registered nutritionist. But when it comes to those sad little treat-deprived eyes, you're a big softie. Even if your pet's on a diet, it's possible to reward him for a job well done — you'll just need to choose some healthier alternatives to the fat-laden biscuits and chews lurking in most pet treat packages. Poke around your fridge, and you'll find a slew of low-calorie options that will keep tails a-wagging and waists a-slimming. Though these treat selections are tailored to dogs, many will make Kitty lick her lips too, depending on what she likes to eat!


Dogs love to snack on sweet, crunchy apples. But be warned that the seeds contain cyanide, so core the fruit before serving!

1 small apple with skin (5.2 ounces) = 75 calories (kcal)

Egg Whites

Hard-boil a few eggs, and feed pieces of the whites to your dog or cat for a protein-packed treat.

1 large egg white (1.2 ounces) = 17 calories

Baby Carrots

Their bite size and crunch make them perfect as treats, and baby carrots are nutritious, too!

1 small raw baby carrot (0.4 ounce) = 4 calories


A great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, salmon can be cubed and cooked quickly for a delicious, nutritious bite.

1 ounce of wild Atlantic salmon = 51 calories

Green Beans

Feed your pup his greens, and I guarantee he'll enjoy it! For dogs on a diet, low-calorie green beans helps fill them up while providing a healthy dose of vitamins K and C.

1 ounce of raw green beans = 9 calories


Chunks of pumpkin provide healthy fiber and aid in digestion, so they are especially great when your pet is having tummy troubles.

1 cup raw pumpkin = 30 calories

Rice Crackers

Plain cooked rice will do just fine, but pieces of rice cracker give your pet a fun crunch to keep him busy! Just avoid sugar and salt by sticking to the plain, unsalted kind.

1 plain, unsalted Quaker rice cake = 35 calories

Seedless Watermelon

Sweet, juicy, and delicious, a chunk or two of seedless watermelon is irresistible for pups and humans alike! For pups who won't hydrate, it helps to replenish fluids and is a great way to beat the Summer heat [3]!

1 ounce of watermelon = 9 calories

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a nutrition-packed source of vitamin C and fiber!

1 ounce of sweet potato = 23 calories


Freeze plain, nonfat yogurt in ice cube trays [4] for a creamy, cooling treat. The active bacteria will help to keep things buzzing in your pet's digestive tract!

1 cup of plain, nonfat Dannon yogurt = 100 calories

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