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Cuteness Overload! Puppy Bowl IX Welcomes Hedgehog Cheerleaders

Jan 11 2013 - 11:09am

Just when you thought the Puppy Bowl [1] couldn't get any cuter, things get kicked up a notch this year with the addition of adorable hedgehog cheerleaders on the sidelines. Between fluffy kittens, wobbly pups, tweeting birds, and even piglets at last year's Puppy Bowl [2], hedgehogs will now be scrambling around in all the cuteness overload. Here's a collection of adorable hedgehog pictures, along with some fun facts about the cute little creatures, to gear up for their exciting addition to Puppy Bowl IX!

Source: Instagram user erizahedgehog [3]

It's All in the Name

Hedgehogs get their names due to the unique way they forage for food. They root through the undergrowth in search of insects, worms, centipedes, snails — and even small mice, frogs, and snakes. While digging through the hedges, the cute creature emits pig-like grunts.

Source: Flickr user yoppy [4]

Cute Baby

The baby hedgehog is born with its spines just under the skin. The spines emerge two to three days after birth.

Source: Instagram user satisfcktory [5]

Spiky Thing

Even with an outer coating of stiff, sharp spines that help protect them in the wild, pet hedgies are easily handled and enjoy the interaction. When sleeping, the hedgehog curls up, turning itself into a spiky ball that's not appealing to predators.

Source: Flickr user xshamethestrongx [6]

Helpful Pets

Along with being super cute, hedgehogs are great pets, especially for homes with securely fenced yards. This allows hedgies to do what they do best — forage for garden pests!

Source: Flickr user Idhren [7]

Long Sleep

When the weather's warm, hedgehogs love being outdoors. But when temperatures dip, this little creature enjoys a season of hibernation. The animal rolls into a ball, drops its body temperature, and happily slumbers until Spring. Pet hedgies will not hibernate thanks to homes staying comfortably warm all year round.

Source: Flickr user V31S70 [8]

Love Me

Even though hedgehogs prefer the solitary life, living separate from other hedgehogs in the wild, they are able to form strong bonds with humans and other pets in the home. And hedgehogs will use a litter box if one is provided.

Source: Instagram user destiwana [9]

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