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Horse Around With These Custom Made Equine Ensembles

Sep 23 2010 - 6:00am

Dogs have costumes [1]. Cats have hats [2]. Even rabbits have bunny-sized outfits [3]. Now dress up comes for the horses — check out custom creations from Puerto Rico-based The Horse Tailor [4] in this wild slideshow!

Flat Tire

Hey, those wheels don't work!

Wizard Sold Separately

Regular equestrian gear isn't enough for this rider.

Harry-less Horse

Can you lead him towards Hogwarts?


This pony hopped off the merry-go-round and got away!

Four Lil Witches

That's one big dog . . . wait a minute.


He's got a pint-sized hero, too.

Preppy Knows Best

Here comes the groom.

Mr. Professor

No talking! It's test taking time.

Full Deck

This horse is all suited up but a few suits short.

What Pink Ears You Have

Is that a mouse or violent Eeyore?

Batman and Robin-ed

This twosome is off to save the day.

Pretty Fair Princess

. . . And her pretty fairy horsey.

Zorro Leads the Way

Ta da!

College Grad

This hybrid horse is top of his class.

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