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How "FindToto" Works . . . and Will It Work For Jess?

How "FindToto" Works . . . and Will It Work For Jess?

Earlier this week we learned of Daisy's abduction by a coyote. Sadly, when it comes to wild predators, it's less likely that pooch could come back (or be safely returned). Leaving no stone unturned in her search, it's been reported that Jessica Simpson has turned to FindToto to continue the mission.

Curious about this service, I hunted around for more information. Like an "Amber Alert" but for furry friends, the address where your pet was last spotted becomes the center of the search and the company then automatically contacts thousands of your neighbors to alert them. When you're a celebrity with over a million Twitter followers and news organizations across the world documenting your every move, chances are your neighbors already know about it. But for those people who couldn't reach thousands with a single click and in situations of simple escapes, this service seems useful for pets that aren't tagged or microchipped. Prices range from $70 (for 250 calls) up to 10,000 calls at $875 — would you test it out?

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