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I have a confession to make: I like shopping for doggie toys almost as much as I like shopping for myself! I get nearly as much joy out of visualizing my pup conquering a certain squeaker or heavy duty chew toy as I do when I'm browsing the aisles. I admit I have to restrain myself sometimes, vowing not to buy a single toy until he completely destroys one that he already calls his own, if nothing else to cut down on the amount of space his toy collection is taking up! So, if you are anything like me, and can drop some serious cash on toys that make furry pals happy, then fill me in: just how many toys do your pets have?


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momto2tzus momto2tzus 8 years
I have 2 dogs and they have over 100 toys. Every couple of months we go through and take 1/2 of them to the local animal shelter. They just accumulate and I find a toy for them almost everywhere I go. They love their toys!
maggieleigh maggieleigh 8 years
Murphy has too many to count! We spoil him with toys (I like buying them because they're cute!). It's funny when we try to put them away in his basket, because he'll tip the basket over (and he's a tiny shih tzu), spill them all over, and then redistribute them around the house. :P
Happsmjc Happsmjc 8 years
Bexley has a ton of bones but rips apart any soft toys as soon as he gets them...its such a waste of money but he loves them for the five minutes he has them.
N9N0 N9N0 8 years
My puppy has about 7 toys, he loves his "lil' buddy" the best, it rattles and squeaks!
j4everlasting j4everlasting 8 years
Between both dogs, I'd say that have around 30 or so toys. I've always been a believer that a distracted and tired dog is a good dog. The toys help with both, they distract them and tire them out. Neither one of them get in much trouble when they have their toys around!
DarlingDA DarlingDA 8 years
Ladybird has about eight toys right now, but that's because I went through and threw a couple dirty ones out. She has an Isaac Mizrahi for Target queaky ice cream cone plush that she drags everywhere. If I'm in my bedroom, she likes to bring all her toys in there - each time she shows them to me too by jumping up on me with the toy in her mouth.
Of course I also have four dogs, so i figure they should each have five or so toys. And let me tell you, they each have their favorites. LOL
linb linb 8 years
My dog has way too many, divided between my house and my MIL's house. She has a few favorites that get more attention, but she plays with all of them. She spreads them around the house so that there is something to lay with, wherever she happens to be.
becmonchu becmonchu 8 years
Honestly Choco has so many toys and he does play with them all. Plus his friends keep bringing him new toys. His clothes are his toys too because he hates them so much.
deanMartin deanMartin 8 years
deanMartin has tons and tons of toys, he is one of those dogs that keeps inventory! thought i should let you know though that yes, i do enjoy shopping for dog toys. but i also enjoy ordering on the net. it is so cute watching him find out what is in the box. it is your fault!!!! you have showed me several toys i just had to have!!!! his favorite toy that is your fault is a tuffy called oscar. he and north could actually play with it together it has multiple bite points (it is an octopus) very hilarious to see him bring it to a large dog to play with him:) if deanMartin could talk i am sure he would tell you to keep up the good work and keep those boxes coming in!!!
yadiet yadiet 8 years
My min pin is the king of toys. he has around 15 all together. He has this one santa that sings jingle bells. Omg he loves that thing. I'm so waiting for till the battery dies. You walk into my house sometimes and it looks like a doggy nursery. Its unbearable...I think its time for a spring cleaning.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
B-Bop has a TON of toys. He forgets about them until another dog visits (like Qi) and then he brings them ALL out!
rickimc rickimc 8 years
I am totally with Couture, my Bella also has too many to count and is totally spoiled.
ALSW ALSW 8 years
My cats have so many toys and they're everywhere! I swear that they hide them and bring them out just to confuse us - "Where was that???" But they definitely play with them.
tiggerchick2 tiggerchick2 8 years
My cats are spoiled with toys. They have several plastic balls, some hollow with bells inside, some that are hollow with nothing inside. Then of course they have home made ones too, wadded up pieces of paper mostly though.
couture-yourself couture-yourself 8 years
I've honestly lost count of Bella's. She has a million, and seriously plays with them all. She's a bit spoiled ;-)
wren1 wren1 8 years
My dog has 5 toys. He's only kinda into them. The thing I'm so bad about is trying new treats, probably because he's such a skinny little thing, I don't have to feel bad about making him fat. It just won't happen. Oh, and clothes :oops:
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