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Don't Forget to Hug Your Cat!

Jun 4 2013 - 6:00am

June 4 is National Hug Your Cat Day, and while we advocate this loving action every day, it's the purr-fect time to spoil Kitty through embraces and other means. We've rounded up our favorite feline-coddling tips to help you spoil her to your heart's content.

Source: Flickr user kitty.green66 [1]

Make Sweet Overtures

If Kitty's a little flighty, then make sure your approach is slow and calm. And educate your friends about how best to say hello [2] and avoid unnecessary scratches!

Source: Flickr user kitty.green66 [3]

Pick Her Up Gently

Some cats don't love being manhandled. Learn the best way to cradle your kitty [4], and she'll be one happy camper!

Make Playtime Fun!

If you're considering throwing in the towel when Kitty's not into her toys, don't fret: we have a few tips [5] for making playtime yay-time!

Source: Flickr user Tambako the Jaguar [6]

Lavish Her With Catnip

Show Kitty how much you care with a sprinkling of catnip [7] on her kitty furniture. Look for organic catnip at the store, or grow your own!

Source: Flickr user quinn.anya [8]

Get Rid of Dandruff

Flakes in Kitty's fur may signify a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, or fatty acids. If you know that nothing serious is wrong, then try a fish oil supplement [9] to get her coat back in gleaming condition.

Go For a Walk

Even indoor kitties like a turn in the big outdoors. Get your feline friend used to being on a leash early [10], and get out to enjoy the Summer weather!

Source: Flickr user greeblie [11]

Keep Your Home Sneeze-Free

It's tough to pamper your kitty if you can't get near her! If your allergies are acting up, then try a few quick grooming techniques [12] to keep dander at bay.

Source: Flickr User Takashi(aes256) [13]

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