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5 Ways to Keep Pet Food Good to the Last Drop

Nov 20 2010 - 4:01am

If storage and freshness are the only things that prevent you from going big, then check out my five ideas to keep food fresher . . . for longer. Dig into these tips and your pets will surely thank you for it (if they could talk anyway).

Sealed Extra Tight

When you choose to buy in bulk and save, don't just keep the bag out in the open and, well, open. Not only will this attract pests [1], it makes food go stale much quicker. I've recommended these special banana seals [2] in the past, perfect to keep any sack size safe.

Got This in the Bag

I'll rave about my plastic food storage container to anyone who'll listen [3] but here's a tip if your pups are picky pets. Instead of emptying the bag into the bin directly, store the original bag inside of it. After a while the plastic will acquire a stale food taste, or the food may get a plastic-y aroma, making it less appealing to particular pals.

Be Oscar the Non-Grouchy

If you don't want to invest in a big plastic bin just for pet's sake, any large metal trash can gets the job done, too!

Freezer Saved

With smaller jobs that don't need a huge bin — say you want to keep just a small amount of food fresher for longer or in case of emergency — it's actually possible to store extra yums in the freezer to keep them fresh.

Do Over an Earth-Friendly DIY

For those of you with pets that eat wet food, it's fairly easy to buy lids [4] that fit on the standard-sized, half-full cans. If you just have a small amount, this can be put into an old (thoroughly cleaned) yogurt or margarine container or other small tub to stash in the fridge instead.

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