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Readers, OhMaxine needs our help with her overexcited pup!

My dog is a jumper . . . and weighs 90 lbs! Ouch! Any advice for a husky/shepherd mix that is now 1.5 years old? She is a female and was the largest out of her puppy litter. She is the sweetest girl. She gives kisses all the time, loves people of all ages, and other dogs. She is very passive and surrenders when she has been attacked by another dog. I'm not sure what to do! Help!

See, she loves to play and loves everyone! (she is bigger now than in this picture)

Got any helpful advice? Leave it in comments, and share your own animal quandary in the Pet Peeves group! Your question might end up on PetSugar.

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missy1632 missy1632 5 years
I agree with sfcasun about the turn around and ignore strategy. As soon as they jump, turn around, cross your arms (sigh of disinterest)... and once they stop jumping, turn back around and praise them. A similar approach works if you are sitting down… If your dog jumps up on you, stand up and ignore. Wait until the dog is back on the floor/or on their side of couch- praise and sit back down Rinse and repeat methods until your jumper gets the message :)
sfcasun sfcasun 5 years
My dog is small -- 12 lbs. -- and wasn't a terrible jumper when I first got her, but it was still annoying. Here's what they told us at obedience class to handle jumpers. As soon as your dog jumps up on you, turn around and cross your arms (so they can't nip on your fingers to get attention), and give them your back. Ignore them until all four paws are on the ground, then IMMEDIATELY turn around and say, "GOOD DOG!" in a high happy voice, give them affection or a yummy treat. If they try jumping up again, immediately turn around and ignore them again. Again, as soon as all four paws are on the ground, they get rewarded. They jump to get attention, but they'll quickly learn that not jumping is more rewarding. Good luck.
SyndieGS SyndieGS 5 years
I have a 85 lb rott/husky/shepherd who used to be a horrible jumper when he was younger (he's 8 now). When he tried to jump, I bend my knee, so if he jumped on me he would come in contact with my knee first. Realizing that it didn't feel too good to get a knee in the stomach, he stopped. I never was the one to making contact on him, he was applying his own force to my knee and almost disciplining himself. Now when he's exciting to see me, I sits nicely and wags his tail - a lot! Good luck!! :)
matzsmith matzsmith 5 years
I have a 85lb jumper, we tap on his back feet when he jumps up. Not hard but it is surprising enough, he gets down in a jiffy. GL
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