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How To Stop Puppy From Eating Everything

Do Tell: Did Your Young Pets Eat Everything in Sight?

Thankfully, Samson's last round of shots are complete, and he can now get outside and walk off all that energy that kept him up at night! But dog mom LilPeaPod has a new worry on her mind other than his sleep habits: he puts everything in his mouth! Samson is a curious creature that seems to love to taste and smell everything, even (gross) his own poop!

There are plenty of dangers out there in the city and LilPeaPod's worried the next thing he puts in his mouth may be harmful, and he won't be as lucky as the Australian pup that ate the poisonous frog and lived to tell about it! So help a girl out and share your stories and secrets about how you got your young pets to stop eating everything in sight!

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