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I Need Your Help . . . Introducing a New Puppy to Existing Dog!

You may recognize the pooch on the left as the sometimes mischievous B-Bop. Well, this lucky dog just got a new lil sister, the equally adoro Rocksy (short for Rocksteady) – what a musical family!
However, Renees3 is worried about what kind of not-so-lovely tunes these two will create when left to their own devices alone. She writes:

Do you have any tips for helping to introduce Rocksy to our current two-year-old dog? I want to make it as easy and calm as possible for him. He has full run of the house while we're gone, but I can't trust a puppy to not get into things. Is it OK to crate (or contain) one and not the other?

I definitely think it's a great idea to give the new pup her own crate/exercise pen where she can escape and adjust to her new lifestyle and family – it's not a good idea to leave strange pups alone together regardless. Other than that I've never experienced this problem firsthand so that's where all of you come in: Anyone with multiple pet households, please share stories or suggestions to help this process go smoothly in your comments below.

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