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I Need Your Help . . . With Recommendations For Good Pet Food!

This request comes from Happsmjc in the Pet Peeves group.

Emmy, the cat, is currently eating Nutro Max for Kittens. This is what was recommended when we adopted her (what she had been eating). She always ate fine, is growing and happy, but recently has thrown up three or so times. After reading a page of horror stories, I'm thinking it is because of the food. I'm so sad I have been giving this to her and this was recommended.

Patter, the dog, is currently eating Beneful. I am not sure how we chose this for him. He was on Nutro when Bexley lived here, but switched when Bexley switched to a very expensive brand (now I am thinking because the Nutro was making him sick). After researching cat foods, I researched the Beneful.

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The reviews were bad, but not quite as scary. The main concern was the first ingredient being corn and dyes. We just bought him a huge bag from Sam's Club, but I plan on switching his as well. Should I finish the rest of his food or switch immediately?

My question is: what brands do people recommend? I have been looking into Wellness Core, Innova (Evo), Natural Balance. Any reviews of these brands or others to try? Now I am so scared I even started looking into making my own foods. Are there any good recipes or stories/suggestions? This is not ideal, but I only want the best for my pets. I am getting Emmy new food today, but want to make some long term decisions.

Let's come together to help Happsmjc out and offer suggestions and advice in the comments below. There's a lot going on in our community — join it, check it out, share your posts or advice in the great groups, and maybe we'll feature it here on PetSugar!

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