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I Need Your Help . . . Share Tips For At-Home Coat Clipping!

Temps are heating up and for long-haired pups, Summer means time for a new 'do. For long-haired breeds, shedding is year-round battle, and frequent baths and trims can help the problem . . . but costs add up. TeamSugar user Lynne writes in about her Golden Retriever:

Since I'm not an expert, can you provide any insight and tips on the best products, methods, and stylings to accomplish reducing his fur coat during the Summer? I already have a Furminator, but that takes a lot of time and I don't want to irritate his (pale) skin with too many strokes. I'm hoping I can use the clippers with a 1-2 inch guard but would like some further advice.

Several companies make at-home trimmer kits with DVDs, but I've never used any on my short-haired pup. Can anyone offer up some tips or product suggestions to help Lynne and Sonny out?

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