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Including Poochie in Your Big Day!

The big day is almost here – all the major deets have been settled . . . except for the furriest family member. If you've spent hours picking out your dress, outfits for the bridal party, and providing input to your husband-to-be, why should you cut corners when it comes to the canines? While not all of you want to include a pet for the entire gala , there's the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and honeymoon to think about – check out the various fashions for each event in this doggie fashion show on the streets of NYC.

If you are choosing to include your precious pal on your big day, check out my words of wisdom when you read more.

  • Say yes to the dress (tux, tiara, or bowtie): You've probably had at least a couple fittings for your dress so, as with any costume, also let your pup try on her outfit before the event to get her used to wearing it. Don't forget to have a plan for the leash and check for any excess fabrics that could get soiled if your pooch . . . ahem, needs to go. On the day itself, don't dress her too early to prevent additional stress (or chewing) and take the outfit off if she will be left unsupervised.
  • Hand it off to a handler: Appoint a special person to be your pet's assistant for the day – giving someone else the duty to be responsible for your furry friend will let you focus on the party . . . not the potty breaks. This person can be responsible for occupying the dog while you're getting ready, making sure your pet gets enough attention, and either watching her or escorting her back home when the pet's job there is done.
  • Consider furry cameos: My BFF was devastated when she learned that the church where she was having her ceremony wouldn't all her pittie pal, Baby, to participate. If you want your pet to take place – and you're not sure you have the time to adequately train her before the big day – have her come for part of the time. Outdoor receptions, rehearsal dinners at a family home or other familiar, pet-friendly settings can allow your pooch to join in, but not seem too out of place. Although I'm not close to marriage, I imagine my hyperactive pup wouldn't fare so well spending all day at a wedding. . . . I'd love to have North brought in just for some photos!

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