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Treat Your Pooch to a Crunchable Snack

Feb 23 2012 - 11:30am

Bet you didn't know that today is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, didja? If you overlooked this important pet occasion, perhaps your pup marked it on his calendar! As much as dogs love scarfing down crunchy treats, we humans also should recognize this doggie delectable for admirable services rendered in training, rewarding, and overall spoiling our pets. Here's a roundup of some of the most decadent, outrageous biscuits worthy of this special food day.

Source: Flickr User Greencolander [1]

The pigs in a blanket of your youth were never this healthy: these Rollies [2] contain egg whites, rice flour, and olive oil.

For savory-minded pooches, bacon-and-cheese rolls [3] will satisfy the munchies.

These yogurt-covered, peanut butter-drizzled biscuits [4] look like Valentine's Day candy, but they are nutritionally rich with oat bran and flaxseed.

The smell of freshly baked apple pie can make a member of any species salivate, but these apple pie treats [5] are strictly for dogs and include tasty applesauce, blueberries, and cranberries.

Give your pup "a pizza your heart" with all-natural pizza treats [6]. The crust is peanut butter dough, and what appear to be tiny bell peppers and cheese sprinkles are really yogurt chip decorations.

Make your pup an offer he can't refuse with chicken and carob cannoli [7] made with real chicken, organic cage-free eggs, and sugar-free yogurt frosting.

Candy is dandy, but treats are so neat! Cute yogurt-topped peanut butter cups [8] are dog-safe with carob substituted for chocolate.

All-natural prince and princess treats [9] are lavishly dipped in yogurt royal icing, then sprinkled with chopped yogurt chips.

Just like grandma used to make . . . almost. Carob-and-peanut butter thumbprint cookies [10] contain wheat germ and flaxseed to keep them healthy for dogs.

Treat your pup to a birthday bash with this pink birthday cake [11].

Taking a page from chocolate-banana cake, these carob'nana pupcakes [12] are topped with yogurt frosting, organic unsweetened carob, and an organic unsweetened banana chip.

Treat coffeehouse pups with blueberry barkscottis [13] made with organic berries.

Organic birthday pupcakes [14] come in a variety of delectable flavors (think sweet potato, carrot, double carob, or a combo) to brighten your dog's special day.

Get your pet's morning off to a great start with pup tarts [15]. Slightly different from your box of sweet treats, this dog-friendly version contains beef broth and brown rice and is slathered with carob and yogurt.

If your pooch is a nut for colorful treats, indulge him with Cheddar cheesy doughnuts [16] complete with vibrant sprinkles.

Made with USDA food-grade organic lavender, these lovely flower-shaped dog cakes [17] may just lull your pup into a lavender-induced slumber!

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