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Want to See True Love? Then Look at These Interspecies Friendships!

Feb 10 2014 - 8:00am

We humans will never tire of seeing two very different animals cuddling [1], nuzzling, or just hanging out. While our species is mostly limited to befriending our own kind, the sky's the limit in the animal kingdom. Their bonds transcend the boundaries that we normally face (language, culture, class, social ranking, etc.), making their friendships more pure and totally worthy of celebrating. No matter the difference in appearance and size, mammals will befriend birds, predators will befriend their prey, and even cats and dogs — the most extreme of arch nemeses — will find their way into each other's arms.

This fawn and kitten are such close friends, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Source: Flickr user thomasslavin [2]

This ostrich must be sweet because his giraffe friend loves to shower him in kisses.

Source: Flickr user SeaWorldFlorida [3]

This cat and goose pair may have nothing in common other than their love for each other.

Source: Imgur user Vichris [4]

Love Down Under! This baby kangaroo immediately took to this baby wombat after they were both sadly orphaned — but now they have each other!

Source: Flickr user grindrproduct [5]

A cat and dog spooning?! We never thought we'd see the day.

Source: Imgur user Flick1999 [6]

Capybaras seem like the chillest animals in the whole animal kingdom, so it's no wonder this bunny wants to sit at the same lunch table, er, graze in the same patch of grass.

Source: Flickr user nichbar [7]

Judging by all the pictures of interspecies friendships out there, monkeys are undoubtedly one of the friendliest animals in the kingdom.

Source: Flickr user tdevane [8]

This family of Papillons has an adopted member: a baby squirrel named Finnegan!

Source: Flickr user frankdtito [9]

Badger does care! At least about his river otter friend.

Source: Flickr user meredithfriedline [10]

Who says that cats and rodents can't get along? Hamsters are normally just prey to cats, but this pair makes their own rules.

Source: Flickr user Kim's Pics :) [11]

Size doesn't matter in this friendship — and neither does pattern!

Source: Flickr user TracerBullet999 [12]

It can be cold out there in the wild, but sometimes animals just want to play, like these mountain lion cubs and their wolf buddy.

Source: Flickr user MVerb48797 [13]

This pooch waits for his cat friend every day in the same spot, just like two kids after school.

Source: Imgur user camdenyards [14]

Hey, kid! Wanna hang?

Source: Imgur user big_onion [15]

This pup loves his kitten friend so much he lets her win at wrestling every time.

Source: Imgur user Flick1999 [16]

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