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Joey, the War Horse, Makes an Appearance

Jan 10 2012 - 3:51am

This weekend, Joey the horse "actor" made an appearance at the London premiere of War Horse. This adorable horse trotted proudly down the red carpet to celebrate the film. Click through to see more of Joey and to learn more trivia about the horses used in War Horse.

Even though the film follows the story of one horse, in reality, 14 horses played the main war horse.

Each of the 14 horses that played Joey received extensive hair dye treatments and was seen by an equine makeup team to maintain visual continuity of Joey's special markings and the color of his coat.

The horses were trained by Bobby Lovgren, and he only had three months to teach them all of their tricks!

Spielberg described what it was like working with horses [1], "The horses were an extraordinary experience for me, because several members of my family ride. I was really amazed at how expressive horses are and how much they can show what they’re feeling."

Joey remains calm despite the crowd and flashing cameras around him.

Director Steven Spielberg [2] and actor Jeremy Irvine could barely contain their laughter as they posed with Joey.

Spielberg gives Joey a playful rub on his cheek.

Actor Jeremy Irvine stands close to his costar.

No animals were harmed during filming. The American Humane Association was present during the entire filming to ensure the safety and health of the horses.

Joey stands tall and alert and smiles for the camera!

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