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Katherine Embarrassed After Negotiations Go Public

Katherine is not at all pleased that Touchstone decided to go public with their side of her contract negotiations. After rumors circulated this week that she wanted more money and had dropped out of negotiations, Touchstone released a statement saying she was under contract and wasn't going anywhere. Now Katherine has responded and it's clear she's not happy. Here's more:

"I am embarrassed that this has become a public matter and disappointed that Touchstone felt it necessary to divulge private employment information," Heigl, 28, said in a statement Thursday.

"I had hoped I would be able to deal with this issue confidentially with my bosses. I dropped out of the renegotiation simply because I wanted to treat myself with the respect I was not getting from them."

But Grey's fans will be happy to know that Heigl, who plays Izzie Stevens on the ABC hit, still loves her character. "No matter how unhappy I am about their decision to respond to this publicly, I continue to be passionate about and committed to this character," she said.

Sounds like things are going to be a little awkward at the office on Monday. Still, Touchstone said that they're going to be giving Katherine more money so hopefully this will all blow over and things will once again settle down on the set of Grey's. We're just happy that Izzie will be staying on the show, Seattle Grace wouldn't be the same without her!

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