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Lungless Frog Found in Indonesia

The Scoop: Froggie Without Lungs Found in Indonesia

With only a few species of salamanders and worms known to be without lungs, a species of frog – the Barbourula kalimantanensis – was added to that very short list after being discovered in a remote province on Borneo Island. In August of last year, David Bickford, an evolutionary biologist at the National University of Singapore, was one of the few expeditioners to discover the unique amphibian. The small brown spotted frog, found along the fast moving rivers of the island, brings an interesting comparison from the researcher:

"These are about the most ancient and bizarre frogs you can get on the planet. They are flat and have eyes that float above the water. They have skin flaps coming off their arms and legs," describing them as "a squished version of Jabba the Hutt."

Straight out of a Star Wars flick, researchers say that the frog (although totally weird) is not a mistake – the species has evolved to adapt to the cold and oxygen rich rivers that it calls home. And this may sound totally crazy, but I would think that breathing through your skin can't be all that bad. I mean, you wouldn't have to worry about asthma, pneumonia, and lung cancer, but if your pores got clogged, would you have trouble breathing?


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