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5 Pee Cleaners From the Bathroom and Laundry Room!

May 17 2010 - 4:00am

Well, well, well, there's still time to get all cleaned up even if you put off your weekend chores like I did. In addition to the plethora of surprising cleansers found in the kitchen [1], there are even more in the bathroom and laundry room. In fact, I'll bet you have some already in there. Sop up this knowledge and start the slideshow.

Rubbing Alcohol

Not just for cleaning cuts, rubbing alcohol can clean booboos of all kinds and that includes urine! This disinfectant reaches down deeper than many store bought cleaners to fully soak and clear up the accident area.


The first time I picked up a box of Borax, I was amazed by all the uses listed for this powder. Included in that is the presoaking of cloth baby diapers (and I don't need to tell you what's inside of those). On the pet front, Borax helps kill the smelly bacteria found in urine [2] while eliminating the stains, too.


P.U. This simple solution cleans more than just your stinky breath, it kills odors of all kinds. Simply pour on the affected area and pat dry — the pee smell goes away but the Listerine smell will likely stick around a bit longer.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Part of a key formula for treating pee stains on carpets [3], full-strength hydrogen peroxide can also be poured on a mattress stain, left to foam and blotted away to treat that item as well.


The box says stain remover and it doesn't lie. While I've never used it to battle a pee stain on clothing, it's gotten some other tough messes out of my laundry batch. One advantage of this is that it doesn't have as strong an after-scent as other equally powerful products. Happy cleaning!

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