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Out and About: Colorado's BuddyBeds

Out and About: Colorado's BuddyBeds

Get your furry buddies BuddyBeds to let them lounge in comfort and peace. Made with orthopedic memory foam, the beds prevent painful pressure points and have a waterproof, breathable fabric liner that products the precious interior or your precious exterior, too! In addition to their two rectangle sizes, they also have SnuggleBuddys doughnut-shaped beds, too.

Created by Denverite, Debra Holte for her 20-year-old cat, Rossignal S. Kamikaze, who suffered from arthritis and a heart murmur, she's expanded her product line to include ones that even fit her 104-lb. pooch, Webster, as well. The company donates a percentage of their profits to the Humane Society of Denver, commonly called The Dumb Friends League, as this organization prides themselves on giving a voice for animals that (obvs) cannot speak for themselves.

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Buddy-Beds Buddy-Beds 8 years
Hi Everyone, This is Debbie, the founder of Buddy Beds. We love seeing our products discussed on pet sites. . .and Pet Sugar is a wonderful site! I might have some suggestions for you Wackdoddle about ways to get your beloved dog to use their dog beds. First, may I ask, you say you have 3 different dog beds -- are they Buddy Beds or other dog beds? Something that has worked for many people is to put something that has your scent on the bed. A pillowcase or towel is perfect. That tells your Buddy that the bed is safe. Our memory foam beds when they first come out of the package have a slight smell that is harmless and dissipates within a day or two. Ever taken a shower curtain out of the bag and it has a smell for a while? Some dogs are sensative to the smell. . and some could care less. It seems the pillowcase/towel helps everytime. Another suggestion I might offer is to place the bed up against a wall, bookcase, something solid. Sometimes our dogs like that feeling of security that gives -- like a dog den. Are your beds placed in an area that is drafty? A dog bed gets them up off the drafty floor. . make sure you place the bed in an area free of drafts. Hope these suggestions might help. Trace Face, you are correct our memory foam dog beds are clearly an investment. We use the best quality of memory foam on the market - 5lb memory foam. Yes!! there are definitely different qualities of memory foam. And believe me if someone is using 5lb memory foam -- they will tell you. There is a huge range of qualities of 'memory foam' dog beds. In fact, one well known company sells a 5 inch memory foam dog bed -- but it is shredded memory foam. Buddy Beds then places the memory foam on a layer of support foam. This is an expensive step that many manufacturers do not do --but it is a critical step. It you don't put the memory foam on top of support foam and just have memory foam --as your dog is on the bed he/she will keep sinking deeper into the memory foam till finally they hit the floor -- creating a pressure point which defeats the whole purpose of the memory foam since memory foam is the only material know to man that eliminates all pressure points. We then put a protective liner of a waterproof/breathable fabric around the memory foam. Memory foam is still a foam and like all foam is porous. Without the protective liner the memory foam will absorb drool, goo, urine. . you name it and there goes your investment in memory foam. Why am I telling you all this. . .well hopefully it explains why are beds cost what they do. We do not sell retail (only on our website)because it would only add an additional layer of cost to the beds. . and we want our beds to be priced hopefully within reach of those who need them. In fact we recently had a 16% price increase in memory foam (it is a petroleum product) and we decided not to pass that along to our customers. In fact, we have not raised our prices in 2 years. The good news is not only do our beds work -- but they last. My beloved Webster is 105 pounds and still on one of the orginal Buddy Beds from when I started this company 4 years ago. After 4 years, the memory foam still has the same 'memory'. Thank you everyone for your posts on our product! We are very, very proud of the quality of our beds. Watch Martha Stewart on April 15 -- she will be featuring our Buddy Beds.
5n4k3 5n4k3 9 years
true, but memory foam is pricey, whether it's for a person or an animal...what if you buy a memory foam pillow? heehee...and some of the money goes to a good cause.
trace-face62028 trace-face62028 9 years
Those are expensive!! Even the one for the little dogs, like my baby chihuahua is like $159.... Um, NO. Cute but waaaay too pricey
wackdoodle wackdoodle 9 years
Ok this looks great but how do you get the darn dog to use the thing? Our family dog Nike has three different dog beds, she won't rest or sleep on any of them. She walks over them, she moves them around, gets upset if you move them, and rests her head on them sometimes. She will not put her full body on any of the beds after she did the first day. They are big enough to accommodate a 100 pound dog (she weighs 75 lbs or less) and the smells are neutralized. She'd rather lie on the cement in the backyard when she outside, on the concrete in the garage or on the rug in the house. But if we put a cat bed down she's throw her 75 pounds on it and crushes it. What gives is she "mentally challenged" as my nephew thinks? How do you get a dog to sleep on their bed?
Daisie Daisie 9 years
Oh how sweet! I hope my girl makes 20!!!! I am totally into getting my kitty stuff like this...she just turned 14! =) I just bought her stairs to get onto the bed...but she sits under them instead of walking up them. Lol.
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