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Pet's January Must Haves

Jan 4 2010 - 4:15pm

Start the year off fresh with these five items to keep clean, green, and organized for 2010!

Clean + Green

Eco-friendly aerosol cleaners have gone to the dogs (and cats and small mammals) with this line by SeaYu [1]. Powering up on everything from concrete to carpet, the all-natural ingredients are safe for nosy noses and the environment.

KangaRoom Pet Pouch

Keep all your pets' gear in one spot with the KangaRoom Pet Pouch [2]. It has five cloth and two mesh pockets plus a hook to hang in a central spot in the house or to carry it out to the car for that next road trip.

Uncle Norman's 1 Step Pet Bowl Cleaner

With no-scratch coating and biodegradable detergent built in, Uncle Norman's 1 Step Pet Bowl Cleaner [3] has a special coating to inhibit bacterial growth while safely scrubbing your furry friend's dishes and keeping your sponge away from his stuff as well.

Planet Dog Shammy

Like ShamWow for the four-legged set, the Planet Dog Shammy [4] absorbs 10 times its weight in water and is made of recycled wood chips, too!

Wine Barrel Toy Chest

Don't forget organizing the house! The Wine Barrel Toy Chest [5] is a rustic way to bring natural materials into the home and keep your dog's stash stashed away from your feet. Teaching him how to clean up after himself, however, is entirely up to you.

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