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Pet's November Must Haves

Pet's November Must Haves

I'm thankful for November! It's time to put the hot cocoa on the stove and warm up in front of fires with family, friends, and pets. To celebrate getting and being together, I've rounded up some great products that you simply must have.

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  • First on the list, treat a pooch to a beautifully-crafted sweater. As temps drop, pets – especially small dogs – can get rather chilly. This darling Chesapeake Sweater preps him for playing with leaves, walks in the park, or family photos. Cost: $45.
  • When you're ready for that next adventure, pets need to travel in style! Whether you're going by boat, car, train, or plane, let kitties (and small doggies) get cozy in a Sleepypod. Offering a little bit of home wherever they are, this product triples as a bed, carrier bag, and carseat. Fave features include adjustable dome tops (open, closed, or off altogether), and the optional Sleepypod warmer car adapter – this is definitely a must have for $137.50.
  • Thanksgiving is an important part of a fabulous November. To make preparing and eating the meal an enjoyable experience for all, stock up on good toys to occupy pets. Planet Dog's Glow for Good Ball makes playing fetch in the dark even more fun plus, for each purchase, 100% of the proceeds go towards the Planet Dog Foundation, a non-profit that celebrates all service dogs who enhance and save human lives. Good feelings and good times can be yours for $10.
  • While prepping dinner and cold weather cozying, occupy your guests with a captivating coffee table book. Creature ($60), by photographer and filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman, is sure to keep company content, and lure cooks out of the kitchen with oohs and ahhs. So, while the oven is preheating, check out this eye-opening book featuring 175 wild animals (from parrots to leopards) all miraculously shot inside a NYC studio.
  • This month's final must have is a yum-worthy goodie for your pet. When you're gobbling the pumpkin or pecan pies over the holidays, give your dog seasonal snack of his own – Pumpkin Pecan Biscotti. With pureed pumpkin, crunchy pecans, and a touch of honey, these treats come in regular sized biscotti ($8.95/dozen) or with a specially sweet yogurt drizzle ($9.95/dozen). Now you won't feel guilty enjoying your own treats in peace.
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