Pet Perfumes from Juicy and Sexy Beast

Spoiled Sweet or Spoiled Rotten: Pet Perfumes?

I know a girl likes to smell fresh, but is spritzing your pets with specialized "pawfume" taking it too far? I've seen a number of perfumes pop up over the past few seasons aimed at making your four legged BFFs smell sweet, while still maintaining their natural pH balance.

Sexy Beast's ($65) line of care products gives you a number of ways to show your pets some love, while stocking their fragrance with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, and citrus. However, Juicy Couture's version of their über-popular brand gives us Juicy Crittoure Dog Pawfume ($60) that is strangely void of description! Has anyone smelled it? There must be a lot of sniffing going on, so tell me, spoiled sweet or rotten?


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